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  • There's An App For Interactive Learning

    There's An App For Interactive Learning

  • The Best Young Storytellers in Hampton Roads are Coming to WHRO This Month

    The Best Young Storytellers in Hampton Roads are Coming to WHRO This Month

  • Register Now for Summer 2013 Professional Development Courses

    Register Now for Summer 2013 Professional Development Courses

  • Check Out The Winners of The 2013 Junior Great Computer Challenge!

    Check Out The Winners of The 2013 Junior Great Computer Challenge!

Register Now for Summer 2013 Professional Development Courses

WHRO Education and Virginia's PBS TeacherLine offer a number of online professional development courses for educators each semester.  Below you will find the schedule for our Summer 2013 courses.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or Call Us at 866.559.2353.  Or, view the full course listings and discount information.

WHRO Education Online Professional Development Courses
Powered by WHRO and the Virginia Society for Technology in Education.

K-12 STEM Using NASA Resources (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) - 45 hours/6 weeks
AKSTEM400.107 - Monday, 5/27/2013 to Sunday, 7/7/2013
This course seeks to provide a way to teach mathematics and science in an integrated format that blends technology, engineering, and problem-solving into activities that are engaging but are also aligned with Virginia math, science, and technology standards. Because NASA has already been instrumental in creating STEM lessons, we will focus on their resources. The effective use of instructional technologies that appeal to 21st Century Learners will also be a significant strand for this course. Four STEM lesson plans, each focusing on one of NASA’s Mission Directorates and utilizing different instructional technologies, will be major projects. These include Aeronautics, Science, Exploration, and Space Operations.
COST: $345 | Register

Engaged Learners: Effective Classroom Management Strategies for All - 10 hours/5 weeks

AKINST100.106 - Monday, 5/27/2013 to Sunday, 6/30/2013
This five-week online course gives an overview of the components of classroom management, including managing the environment, student behavior, instruction, student productivity, and cultural diversity.

NOTE: There is also a 30-hour version of this course, called The Art And Science Of Effective Classroom Management, that actually goes in depth into each of the components listed above.
COST: $175 | Register

Online Teaching Methodology - 60 hours/7 weeks

AKINST500.26 - Monday, 5/27/2013 to Sunday, 7/14/2013
Graduate credit available through James Madison University.
This course is designed to provide training to those who wish to serve as online instructors or course developers for WHRO Education's Online Student Courses.  The experience of many online schools has shown that online instructors need a special set of skills to be effective, and that developers of online courses need a deep understanding of those same skills.  By working through the tasks of this course, you will come to appreciate the important differences between traditional face-to-face instruction and online instruction, and you will begin the process of acquiring this special set of teaching techniques.
COST: $395 | Register

Web Page Design - 45 hours/6 weeks
AKTECH401.128 - Monday, 5/27/2013 to Sunday, 7/7/2013
Students will understand the history of hypertext markup language as it applies to web pages today. They will identify basic web page design considerations and apply these elements to the creation of a set of 4 web pages. They will use basic HTML code, Internet resources and a web page editor to complete these web pages.
COST: $345 | Register

Virginia's PBS TeacherLine Courses
Graduate credit is available for most of Virginia's PBS TeacherLine courses through a variety of colleges and universities. James Madison University is our local Virginia graduate credit provider and offers credit at a discounted rate.

Developing Understanding with Dynamic Media and Digital Storytelling - 30 hours/6 weeks
TECH345.21 - Monday, 6/3/2013 to Sunday, 7/14/2013

Digital storytelling and dynamic media have the power and the potential to engage learners in remarkable new ways. In this course, you will explore the basics of these 21st century teaching and learning approaches and connect them to an updated version of Bloom's Taxonomy. Learn about useful Web 2.0 tools like 'mashups' for creating and sharing stories and study the steps involved in creating digital stories and corresponding evaluation rubrics.  Classroom Link-Access to students recommended. PBS Classroom Link courses ask learners to implement lessons with their class or with a small group of students (options for learners without access to students are available).
COST: $295 | Register

The Computer for Personal Productivity - 30 hours/6 weeks
TECH300.143 - Monday, 6/3/2013 to Sunday, 7/14/2013

Squeeze more time out of your day by tapping the power of technology to create teaching materials and assessments; communicate with colleagues, parents, and students; improve lesson planning; and manage information. Explore areas where the computer can increase personal productivity. Then develop and implement a personal productivity plan that makes the best use of your time and resources.
COST: $295 | Register